Welcome to Cobra Paramotors.

The company was created in 2005 with one goal: give all world paramotor manufacturers an opportunity to rize their production to a new level with semi-mass production standards, high quality materials, professional expertise and Asian cheap cost! We do not wish to compete with the existing famous brands (mostly European) but we want to help them expand and grow our global market. Any paramotor manufacturer is welcome to use our services as long as they respect our minimum orders and they don't copy another brand: we make genuine parts for original brands, there is no talking about making "Thai copies" here.

If you have your own brand of paramotors and wish to grow your production, please have a look at our website and feel free to come and visit us in our amazing country. Who said not to mix pleasure and work?! Thailand's hospitality is a perfect place for business trips: signing contracts on the beach after a nice flight and a relaxing massage is not the worst frame, is it?!

Here in this beautiful country, we can enjoy flying paramotors in a blue sky almost everyday. Nice weather conditions, large authorized airspace and wonderful landscapes are the key points of a growing success in the last 15 years. Over a thousand Thai pilotes already give their contribution to the development of our sport in Thailand with passion, energy and inventivity.