We have developed an engine dedicated to paramotor activity: our Cobra4ST190 is the ultimate 4 stroke paramotor engine. Its power/weight ratio, reliability and performances meet no equivalent nowadays.

Engine Description:

Engine name: Cobra4ST190
Cycle: 4 Stroke
4 Valave: SOHC
Bore: 62.0 mm
Stroke: 62.0 mm
Capacity: 187.18 cm3
Compression: 12.1 / 1
Power: 21.5 @ 9,200 RPM
Reduction: 3.17 / 1 belt drive
Max RPM: 9,500
Idle RPM: 1,900
Weight dry: 32kg complete
Start: Electric
Ignition: CDI
Charging: in flight charging 150w
Cooling: Air + Oil
Dry sump: External 800ml
Fuel type: Octane 91 up to 98
Lubrication: Oil fully synthetic
Rotation: CW
Static Thrust: 67kg @ 35ºC 3,000feet density altitude with a 1.3m two blade composite prop.